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Our aim with mogood Japan is to make the up-to-date, reliable, accurate and authentic information of Tokyo gastronomy available for people from all over the world in order for them to be able to EAT and DRINK what they truly want while they are in Japan!

It is based on It's original (Japanese) version called mogood (since 2015) which has been providing a gastronomy blog where local food lovers share their experiences and introduce places which were highly satisfactory, highlighting the characteristics of each!

From more than 300 of the mogood articles, we are carefully selecting the most satisfactory places to be translated to English.

In addition, we do not introduce super luxury places, since the original version of mogood is focused on the places that serve quality service and food at reasonable price only! (and that is why they are popular among local people!!)

In Japan, there are more than 670,000 of F and B places including thousands of restaurants and pubs in Tokyo. Many are nice and many others may not be so.
We hope that mogood japan will be helpful for you to enjoy your stay in Japan to the maximal degree!

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