【Aaguuru】Okinawan bar in Kyoto city!!!! (Kyoto pref.)

Heeeeey xD
This is Ushi reporting today!!

I am in Kyoto pref. now and would like to share my dinner experience!!

▲ This is the place I chose!

▲ Very relaxing isn’t it?!

▲ I love this atmosphere!

▲ Cheers!♪

Goya chips!!!

Yes! This is an Okinawan cuisine!!! In Kyoto!!! Lol

This dish is so crispy and goes perfect with the beer!!!!!

And this is 『Unibudou』!!!!

Very special ocean vegetable from Okinawa pref.!!!!

I am a big fan of the texture of it!!!

Japanese omelet with Aosa!!

Its very delicious and wish badly to be able to prepare this at home……

▲ mmmmm….. looks temting…

▲ so I got it! xD

Its crispy and crunchy but inside the chicken is so tender and the spice to dip is a grate match too…….
This is very good…

▲ The last dish is Okinawa noodle!!!

The soup stock is tasty and I drank it up all xD lol

This made me wanna have more drinks but

▲ They have more than 100 drinks!!!

4pages long of the drink list!!!!

▲ I got Umeshu!!!♪

Wooooooooooo…. Everything was amazing xD