【Kushidokoro KOBAYASHI】Very nice Kushiage kappou restaurant!

This is Nori!!!
Today I came to Kayabachou for the first time xD


▲ I am trying to find some friend who can join me for dinner.


▲ This is the place I decided to have my dinner today!

This place is specialized in Kushi-age (Skewed deep fry)!
They have 2 course menu, 1600 yen and 2700 yen!


▲ A friend of mine came to join me dinner xD

And furthermore she brought her friend as well xD


▲ Cheers!!!!


▲ 『Mimorret ginkgo』


▲ 『Oboro Toufu』

There is some sort of candy on the tofu and it tastes beautiful!!!!


▲ 『Sashimi plate』

The squid is very tasty with the Natto soy sauce!!!! I really wanna do this at home too xD I never knew this way of enjoying squid Sashimi!!!!!


『Dish fri with Ouba and sour plum sauce』

Wow,,,, the texture is something so undiscribable!!!
Crunchy? Crispy? Not exactly ,,,, its something more!!!!!

We never feel oil although it is fried!!!

The owner said that the flour has some secret for creating this special texture!!
I am really curious but they cannot tell me the trick!


▲ They enjoy it so much xD

They started to want to have some Sake!
So we got this!


▲ This is Jun-mai Gin-jou, a quality type of Sake! But it’s based on strawberry!!!

We have never seen Sake like this before!!!
Surely girls love this kind of thing!!! xD


▲ She finished the shot!!

The next Kushi-age is
『Salmon black sesame with Tobikko tartar sauce』


▲ Woooooohoooooooo!!!!!

None of us knew that black sesame goes so well with salmon!!!!!!
We actually almost shouted to taste this xD

The next dish was this!


▲ Basket of Japanese vegetables xD

This is a potion for each person! Sooooooo luxury xD

The next was called 『Angel shrimp』


▲ The rich taste of shrimp is enclosed in the this flour and it’s deliciousDDD

We wonder how they can prepare this like this!!!!!!

The next dish was this.


▲ They say that it is flower right before blooming., meaning they are Buds.

Only one side is covered by flour and the fresh texture is very nice!


『Seasonal fish (young)』

The flour is again the special one.
It’s very very tasty……. xD

We have ordered more coz everything is so good and we are fascinated about other dishes!


『Chicken with Sanshou』

Super duper tender xD


『Foie gras』

The sauce is very well-considered and it tastes beautiful!!!


『Oyster spring roll』

Too tasty xD LOL seriously………


▲ The waiter came to ask us our preference in soup of the last dish.

こちらが『豚カツ 梅素麺』

▲ This is for me xD

こちらが『豚カツ 土手煮』

▲ and this is for the girls.

I hope you can imagine this beautiful taste……..
They are awesome!!!!!!


▲ Thank you 「Kushidokoro KOBAYASHI」! We had such a wonderful dinner tonight xD


▲ See you soon friends!