【Goodbeer FAUCETS 】Beer from all over the world! (Shibuya, Tokyo!!!!!!)

Good evening!
This is Ushi reporting!

Today I came to a place we can enjoy many different kinds of beer as I love beer but I am not an expert i wanted to learn this world.

Goodbeer FAUCETS is the place I was suggested to visit!


▲ This place has like 40 TAPs of craft beer!!!!!

How nice!!!


▲ They have around 50 seats.

I saw many people from other countries perhaps about 80 per cent was foreign people and the 20 per cent being Japanese.
It is such an ideal place to make friends from overseas I guess!!

左:一期一会【日本(京都)】 右:クルー リパブリック ファウンデーション11【ドイツ】

Left:Ichigo-Ichie【Japanese(Kyoto pref.)】 Right:【German craft beer】

Both are unique and special for sure. I really liked the one of this German.
They have a lot more different beer too and we never get bored here!!


Octopus Galicia style

I expected this to be very hot but it was not too much. It is good for beer xD


▲ Makes me enjoy beer xD


▲ xD happy!!!

And we get more food xD

パクしゃぶサラダ チリライムソース

Shabushabu salad with Chili lime sauce

The coriander is creating a nice harmony with the pork and the sauce.
It is such a beautiful dish!!!

モンスター C IPA【日本】

Monster C IPA【Japan】

The balance of sweetness, bitterness and the tastiness is very well!
I have never tasted this before but I love it!!!!!


A Belgium beer

The aroma of banana is rich and the sweet sour taste is unique but awesome!

I can recommend this for those who haven’t found beer in general nice, coz this one is very fruity and different from what e know as beer xD