【DRAEMON 】Delicious pasta in Dougenzaka street in Shibuya! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Akaneko!
I have been working whole week and now I know that I need to go for drinking….

Ushi, my friend told me about this place and today finally I came here!

The place is called 「DRAEMON」!!!


▲ Such a huge entrance @@


▲ Ushi took me here xD

The waiters are so cheerful and we are looking around to see each one of them xD

This is the menu!


▲ Wat????????? There are so many funny and cute rules xD


▲ Cheers!


▲ Baked Mashed potato with cheese!


▲ Wooooo…. So creamy and tasty!!!


▲ Karasumi and Shirasu Peperoncino!!!

So much of Shirasu!!!! How luxury!!!!????


▲ Bon appetite!!!

The garlic and Karasumi make such a harmony…..
The hot chili is beautifully gives an accent to the taste….

I have never tasted anything like this!!!!!!

Please everyone try this! Its amazing xD