【POTA PAST】Unbelievable pricing for this delicious house made pasta and beer!!!!!

Hello! This is Nori speaking xD


▲ Shibuya tonight xD

Today I finished my work in Shibuya and was looking for a lace to eat.
As I was wandering the streets I found an interesting pasta place.


▲ This variation fascinates me xD

And can you see most of the dishes are up to 500 yen?!

I decided to have my dinner here!


▲ They prepare the dishes in front of you as you xD

Let me have a drink too xD


Beer is for 290 yen?!!!! Unbelievable xD

And my pasta arrived!


This cream sauce pasta is only for 420 yen!!!!


and my friend’s dish with seafood is only for 500 yen?!!!!

The pasta is house made and very chewy xD It is delicious!!!!
I cannot believe how it is possible they offer these quality dishes for 500 yen and less!!!!!

The sauce was amazing too!!

They offer wine for 290yen as well!!!!!!

If my office were located in Shibuya, I would come here literally everyday!!!

This is not only a Lunch pricing! Even in the dinner time!!!! We can afford two dishes for one person for this price is about half the price of the pasta market in Tokyo!!!

This place is for no doubt highly recommendable for everyone!!!!!!