【ITAMAE-SUSHI EDO】A fusion Sushi restaurant in Akasaka! (Tokyo)

Good evening xD
Its Aika Kimura! I am the chief editor of Okashi times! (‘Okashi’ means ‘Sweets’)
I love sweets and I have been investigating the field of pastry as a professional food writer, but in fact I love drinking even more than sweets! Lol

So today I would like to be reporting my dinner experience!


▲ Here is the place I chose!

As I got off the metro at Akasaka-mitsuke station, my eyes were immediately caught by this huge lantern!
The outside look was already awesome but the inside the shop was even more amazing!


▲ Here it is! This is designed like a theater!


▲ The waters gave us a huge greetings as we entered and all through the way to the table we got seated! I felt as if I were an actress coming into the theater! xD

We were seated at the huge bar located in the middle of the restaurant! Very large room but relaxing atmosphere!


▲ This is what is there above us! Isn’t this place so cool??

So lets get started with beer!


▲ The Otoushi (appetizer came with the first drink) was Tuna Tartar! Love it!

『海鮮サラダ』 ¥1,280 Seafood Mix Salad on your Table

『Kaisou salad』(Seafood salad) ¥1,280


▲ These came with salad!!! 9 different seasoning toppings to add to the salad as we like!!!! Awesome!!


▲ I added Salted-Konbu, Nori, Sesame, fried onion, fried garlic and dried bonito flake!


▲ This is how it looks after seasoning!

They have a grate variety of main dish which is very tempting but since I wish to have sufficient space in my stomach for later for Sushi, I decided to order small side dish.

『えび天ロール』 Tempura roll

『Shrimp Tempra Roll』

This restaurant has English menu list and it seems like they have many fusion dishes that are more familiar to foreigners like this one, as well as traditional Japanese dishes.

『炙りジャンボサーモン』 ¥298 Seared Jumbo Salmon

『Aburi Jumbo Salmon』 (Seared Jumbo Salmon) ¥298

I am amazed! Is this really only 298yen??? It’s delicious!

『サーモン&クリームチーズロール』 Salmon&Cream cheese rollを注文。

『Salmon&Cream cheese roll』

Again, this is a fusion Sushi popular by western people!
Moyo goes very good with Soy sauce!


▲ This is a plate of traditional Sushi. Medium fatty Tuna, Prawn and Minced Tuna with Green Onions

With a lot of beer and these grate dishes I am completely full now lol

What an entertaining restaurant! I am very satisfied!