【Hakata Udon Sakaba ICHIKABACHIKA】Perfect place to enjoy Udon and more in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Goooooood evening!!!!!

Today I would like to report my experience with this Udon restaurant!

It is located in Ebisu!

The place is called 「Hakata Udon Sakaba ICHIKABACHIKA」!


▲ The entrance!

Let’s enter….


▲ Open kitchen and the bar!


▲ It is not a big space but they have many seats!

Vey cheerful!


▲ The back entrance!


▲ We are seated at the bar!

Which drink should we go with?


▲ I got 『Akadama puch』



▲ We chose this for an appetizer!

This is a typical Hakata dish!
Very refreshing and healthy!


▲ 『Potato salad with conbeef』

mmmmmmm… love it!


▲ 『Buttered grilled kamaboko (FIshcake)』

This is a must!
It’s such a perfect dish for enjoying alcoholic drinks actually!


▲ 『Sausage egg』

This seems like a breakfast dish but does go very good with alcoholic drinks too xD


▲ 『Chikuwa salad』

This is Kumamoto pref.’s soul food!
Inside the Chikuwa, there is potato salad xD
Very attractive!


▲ Skewed Shuumai???

Very interesting!
And tasty xD


▲ Tada-!!!!!

This is THE Hakata’s specialty, 『Butabara』(pork)!!

The seasoning is miso and addictive!

カウンターから見えてます! 目の前で作業してくれてます♪

▲ He is preparing our last dish of the day!♪


▲ the main dish! 『Gobou Tempura Udon』!!

We love this soup stock ……xD and the noodle is very unique and enjoyable!!!


▲ The spices on the table!


▲ The kitchen equipment.

Yeah, they actually make the noodle in the house!


▲ I made a new friend in the restaurant xD

Thank you!!!!
It was such a nice time!!!!!!