【DAY TRIP ASIA】Casual popular Asian cuisine in Shibuya! (Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!

Today I visited a place called「DAY TRIP ASIA」which has been very popular among ladies!!!

Let’s go!!

▲ this is how it looks♪

I can imagine girls like this atmosphere!!

「Table and Terrace」

They have bar counter too! where I think is ideal for couples to enjoy their evening♪

Let’s have alook at the menu now(=゚ω゚)ノ

▲ ok♪

I am gonna take some beer(*´з`)

『Toger beer』to start the Asian evening♪

Kuushinsai is always good!( `―´)ノ


Summer roll

The shrimp has such a nice texture!

Marinated Rice noodle!

Such a nice appetizer if you like beef♪

『Vietnamese shouchu』


『Herbal wok pork and vegetables』

Very nice♪

『Chicken chili wok』

Indonesian spicy dish(゜o゜“)

『Vietnamese omelet』

Contains a lot of vegetables♪

▲ We had such a nice dinner!!!