【Sake-Nonki MARUKO】Where every generation enjoy the nostalgic Japanese pub atmosphere!


This is Ebizo speaking tonigh!

I am in Shibuya to experience a new pub called 「Sake-Nonki MARUKO」!


▲ This is the sign!


▲ It is hidden in this tiny street xD

Lets go in!


▲ The menu is amazing!

Today I am with Hacchan, my friend.


▲ Hacchan!

Lets order food and drinks!


▲ The drinks are being iced in the tank in front of the bar xD

We can take whatever we want from here xD

Funny xD


▲ They are all 200yen xD So reasonable!

This rare system is fascinating xD


▲ The Sashimi menu on the wall!

We chose 『Sanma』! Coz it’s the seasonal fish now!!!


▲ Sufficiently fatty and very tasty xD

And then,,,,


『Crab innard』

This makes us wanna have Sake so badly xD


『Fried Sweet corn』

The texture and the taste are perfect! The flavor of the sweet corn is rich and I coundlt stop eating this xD



They say that this is one of the house’s most popular dishes!!!!
It is very thick and aromatic!!!


『Japanese omelet』

????!??!?!!!!!!?!??!?!?!??!?!!? Is this really a omelet???

We couldn’t believe it!!! Coz it looks so different from what we know as “Japanese omelet”!!!

It is cooked with Squid ink!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!! We have never seen anything like this before!!!!!!!!

And the aroma of this omelet is so special and super tasty!!!!

We are highly satisfied!!!!

Thank you very much for the grate experience 「Sake-Nonki MARUKO」!