【Yakiniku Tori gg】Fancy and healthy BBQ in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)


This is Aika Kimura!

Today I am taking my friend to a Yakitori place for she has just started to go to a muscle training class!

▲ This is the place I found for her xD♪

『Sliced Cucumber shallow pickles』¥490¥490

Isn’t this gorgeous?
It was very tasty too!!!! Grate seasoning!!!

『Crispy potato frit and horse radish salad』¥790

The texture is awesome!
I could eat it forever!!!

『Miou chicken lever with sesame oil』¥790¥790

They say that this is the most popular dish of the house.

We had it with a load of onion and sesame oil! It was beautiful!!!

▲ There are 4 different types of Soy sauce!!!!

Each sauce has different blend of spices and we can taste all 4!!!

『Garlic soy sauce Tender chicken』¥590[/caption

Let’s grill it!

[caption id="attachment_14914" align="alignnone" width="640"]Both side xD

This was delicious especially with the lemon soy sauce!!!!

『gg special Yan-nyom Yakinikutori』¥1,280

wow…… enormous………

▲ The spicy chicken makes the drinks more enjoyable!

▲ 〆は『Hot chicken Yukke-jan soup』¥790¥790


『TKG (egg on rice)』¥490¥490

It comes with many different herbal vegetables and spices.
The egg is especially fresh and tasty.

We were very much satisfied xD