【Bucchigiri Sushi SHUNKASHUUTOU】Sushi restaurant ran by a Tuna buyer! (Shibuya!!!!! Tokyo!!!!!!)

Hello everyone! This is Kaede speaking today!!

Today I would love to introduce a Sushi restaurant which offers grate Sushi at such an amazing price!! You will see xD


▲ The place is called “Shunka-Shuutou” (meaning “the 4seasons”)

If you find this sign, go up to the 3rd floor!

The house has been operating for 28 years!
It is operated by a Tuna shop that is why the price is super customer friendly and the quality is wonderful!!!


▲ Look how shiny!! Such a fresh quality of the raw materials!!!

This is what I love! I come to this house always after work and most of the times by myself, and eat this as the first appetizer in one second! xD

This makes me enjoy my drinks!!!

And today, I ordered Horse meat Sashimi too.


▲ Small piece but very very rich taste!

This is a Sushi place but they sometimes have this Horse meat too. Their regular customers always enjoy this and talk about it!!!


▲ The master and the atmosphere are also super nice xD

As I come here alone, I speak with him often and speaking with him is one of the attraction of this house to me actually.

And! This is the amazing pricing I was talking about earlier!!


▲ Looook!!!!!

The plate contains even Sea urchin and Ikura is offered at 1080yen???


▲ This is another amazing menu offered in the weekends!


▲ Woooooooooohooooooooo!!

It is amazing!!!!

I recommend this place for every Sushi lover in the world!!!


▲ cheers!