【AIDA】Fusion French cuisine in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo)!!!!!

Good evening! This is Neko speaking xD

Today I would like to share my experience with a restaurant called 「Restaurant AIDA」

It is located near the Ebisu Garden place!

▲ The entrance

We have ordered a course of the chef’s recommendation of the day.
It is called 「Orchestra of vegetables〈2017 winter〉」

『Foie gras Crepe』

The crème of Fois gras is very rich and addictive!

『Seasonal vegetables Parfait』

This consists of 15 different vegetables!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

The sauce is sweet and salty and tastes awesome xD

I have never had anything like this before!!

▲ It looks like this!


『A garden of cauliflower with three different prawns and refreshing Mandarin orange jelly』

All the products are prepared separately and have different seasonings….
It is amazingly tasty!!!!!

▲ House made bread

▲ And I am having red wine xD

『Horse radish and milt with mushroom sauce』

The professional techniques are very much felt and there is foie gras in it too xD
Way toooooooo nice!!!

『Puree of three different carrots on Japanese beef』/strong>

I am loosing my words…. xD

『Rice with grilled onion and roasted pork』

The onion is so sweet and the tastiness is condensed!!!!
The black pepper is giving a perfect accent and it is amazing again!
I never knew this creative French dish!!!

『A dessert of strawberry 2017 winter』

Each piece is gorgeous and delicious!!

▲ Tea to close the dinner♪

Everything was dreamy and I am super satisfied xD

Thank you 「AIDA」!