【SushiSomeiKinpei Ebisu】Local ppl’s hidden Sushi place to enjoy the authentic Sushi at rathe low price in Ebisu! (Shibuya area,Tokyo!!)

Good evening!
This is Ebizo!

Today I would like to introduce my favorite Sushi restaurant which serves authentic Sushi but the pricing is reasonable!!!

Let’s go!!


▲ This is how it looks♪

Looking very nice in the back street of Ebisu!

▲ The bar counter!

They have private rooms too♪

▲ The interior is pretty nice!

We ordered a recommended course menu♪

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks) was this 『6 different appetizers』!

Very fancy and sophisticated!!

『A plate of Sashimi』


『Dried Mentaiko grill』

Just perfect dish for Sake!!!!

『HIDAKAMI super dry Junmai Sake』

the meal to emphasize this Sake is this one♪

▲ Octopus marinated with sesame

Super tasty…!!!(^^)!

『Aye Urukayaki』


『Mozuku soumen』


『Foie gras with course raise』

These are just appetizers before Sushi! xD wow

▲ Mr. Somei is the chef!!

Very famous Sushi master in Tokyo!


simple but rich!


I have never seen it prepared like this!!

『Chuu toro』


and many others to be enjoyed and!

『Bafun Uni』

super dooper rich(*’▽’)

▲ The last one is『Tairagai』

Such a gorgeous Sushi……..(*´▽`*)

▲ to complete the best dinner, I had 『Asari miso soup』

Suuuuuuper recommendable Sushi and more house♪