【Ebisu Kaigan】Seashore in Ebisu!! (Shibuya area, Tokyo)

This is Nori speaking tonight xD

As I was looking for a place to eat at the same time I can watch Baseball game, Mayuko took me to this place todady!


▲ 「Ebisu Kaigan」

It has been operating for 23 years!

For me this is the first time to visit!


▲ Nice! The game has just started!!


▲ Cheers!


▲ Mayuko

This house has a similar atmosphere to a beach house somehow. Very cheerful and relaxing!
Couples and families and groups of friends everywhere!


This is the Otoushi (A small appetizer comes with the first drink)


『Hokki shell Sashimi』

It is gigantic!
Very fresh and tasty!!!!


▲ 『Milt with Ponzu』

The texture is beautiful! And the rich taste is wordless!!

『焼き茄子(胡麻酢 長芋とろろがけ)』

『Grilled eggplant(sesam vinegar and Yamaimo tororo)』

This was truly amazing! This made us wanna drink Sake xD


『『Konakijijii』Super dry Sake!


▲ The waiter serving Sake for us xD


▲ Let’s drink like this so I won’t loose any drop!

野菜たっぷりの『焦がし醤油 和牛もつ鍋』野菜たっぷりっていうのが本当にうれしい!

▲ 『Hot pod of Japanese beef with grilled soy sauce』

This was the waiter’s recommendation. It contains a bunch of vegetable and is delicious!!!


▲ Sooooooo tasty!!!!!!

The soup stock is made of Konbu and Bonito! It is addictive!

I ate all of it even all the soup!

So we ordered another potion of the soup and made this!


▲ 『Chanpon noodle』

Wooooooo we are so satisfied!!!!
Mayuko looks real happy too!!

We can hear ppl laughing hard from somewhere near….
Let’s go investigate!


▲ Go up the stairs…..


▲ A private room!

They are having an after-party of their friends’ wedding!!!

「Ebisu Kaigan」is absolutely a fantastic place xD

Thank you for the grate evening!!!!!