【Bistro Phakchi’s】Phakchi paradise Bar in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

Good evening!

This is neko!

Today I came to Ebisu to enjoy Italian cuisine featuring coriander at a place called「Bistro Phakchi’s」!!♪


▲ The entrance!


▲ Do you recognize this guy?

mogoodライター のんさま とお邪魔してきました★

▲ It’s Nori!★

Today we are having dinner together! We both loooooove coriander!


『Summer vegetable cake』and『Coriander orange juice』


『Preserved egg Tofu』



The sour cheese is beautiful with the Tortilla.


『Coriander root frit』

The texture is nice and we enjoyed it a lot!


▲ We are having red wine!♪


『Stewed pork』

We did not know that coriander goes so well with Japanese stewed pork!!


『Spicy lamb grill』

With the basil sauce, coriander makes a nice harmony to the grilled lamb!!!
The lemon juice and chili are also beautiful… xD

I am highly satisfied!!!!