【Yakigai AKOYA】Seasonal shellfish and white wine yay! in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Good evening!

This is Shitatsudumi speaking!

Today I am cerebrating a new year with my best friend!

We came to 「Akoya」which I always wanted to come!

It is popular and hard to make a reservation but today I finally got it!
I am sooooo excited!!


▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drinks!)

Very sophisticated and delicious!!

The next is the chef’s recommendation!


▲ 3 Shellfish on plate!

With pinch of wasabi and sweet type of soy sauce, the fresh shellfish taste awesome xD


▲ He is the chef xD


▲ They are the hot snacks the chef recommended!

They are all shellfish! Stewed with innards and seasonings….
Very rich and tasty…..!!!!!


▲ I got white wine xD

They have many different wine and sake! So I couldn’t choose one then the chef chose this onne for me xD


▲ This is also a hot snack for enjoying drinks

The texture of this shellfish is sooooo enjoyable and with the kombu, the harmony is beautiful….


▲ This is Asari shellfish with raw Nori on top!

The tender shellfish goes very good with Nori!!!


▲ Woooooooooo……

This Shirogai is so delicious and even the juice left over is a must to enjoy!!!!


▲ Veryyyyyyyyyyy delicious!!

It is not seasoned at all for the shellfish itself has the condenced rich flavor and gives deep taste!!!


▲ Japanese omelet

Very soft and super juicy!!!!

The soup stock is beautiful!!!!!


▲ I wanna eat this everyday!!!! xD

I wish to come back here……..!!!!!