【Teppan Bar SOURCE】Teppan and Wine till 5 am in Nakameguro! (Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Hello! Good evening!!!

This is Ebizo!

Tonight I had a fun in Nakameguro and missed the last train long ago lol

so looked for a nice place to stay till the first trial in this area and found this place!!

 「Teppan Bar SOURCE」

▲ This is the place♪

Let’s go inside♪

▲ The bar counter!


Let’s order something xD



Super tender beef muscle(*´▽`*)

『Re sausage』

This reminds me of childhood memory…


Okonomiyaki is THE Teppan food!!!
My favorite is Butatama!  pork slices in Okonomiyaki!!♪

For my friends who enjoy alcoholic drinks, I ordered 『Negiyaki』

mmmmmm!!!! the smell of the onion is so good and makes us hungry!!!!(*^▽^*)
In fact i liked this one better than the  Okonomiyaki I ordered for myself..lol


▲ My friend fell in asleep……lmao♪