【MARUHACHI Shibuya brunch】Party place with Reggae music in Shibuya! Tokyo!

This is Shinagawa reporting tonight!

There is a very eye-catchy looking restaurant in the Dogen-zaka street in Shibuya and I always got curious what that is so tonight I decided to go there to finally know about this place!


▲ The place is called 「Maruhachi」

The inside was like this!

It is actually very exciting even before getting seated!!


▲ The interior is crazy!

There are many decollations including the skate-boards!


▲ Cheers!!

The menu shows that they offer dishes from many different types of cuisine!

We chose this one as the first dish!


▲ 「Shrimp mayo」

The shrimp was huge and had very nice texture

The second dish is this!


▲ 「Gorgonzola tortilla Pizza」

With honey, the salty pizza tasted so gorgeous!
This was such a nice beer snack!!


▲ Yummmmmmm!!!!


▲ In two seconds, we finished all of it!!!!

The place is ideal for a group of ppl to have a party and also for going alone to meet new ppl since the place is filled with friendly ppl as the house has this crazy happy feeling.