【CINA】Advent of Neo modern Chinese cuisine in Ebisu! (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Gooooooood evening!!!!
This is Nori again xD

As earlier today, I heard people speaking ‘We accidently found a fantastic Chinese restaurant in Ebisu!’ I couldn’t wait for a day to experience it and here I am!!!!!!

The ‘fantastic’ restaurant they were talking about seems like this one! Its called 「CINA New Modern Chinese」
! It was a 4 minute walk along the train truck from the Ebisu station!


▲ The second floor of this building!

What made me first surprised was its stylish interior!


▲ The bar


▲ I love this space with foliage plants and indirect lightning! It’s luxury and relaxing.

It seems like this is not a place for a large group of people to make a party… Now I need to behave a bit formal but my heart is excited.


▲ Lets enjoy!

We ordered some dishes and started the evening with beer, which is a rare thing for me for I usually drink Whisky soda for the first drink. The thing is, I thought beer would be the best match with the dishes they offer here! I am in the mood for Chinese dinner!!!!

このビール美味い!『MASTER'S DREAM』っていうのね。

▲ I tried this beer for the first time! Very tasty! I will remember the name!『MASTER’S DREAM』

And here comes the side dishes!
The first one is the appetizer 『Truffle and Rice vermiselli』


▲ The amount of Truffle was amazing! This is very good with beer! Wooohooo!!

Then the second appetizer was 『Cerely and Watermelon radish Salad』


▲ The secret ingredient is guessed to be…. Dried Toufu????? It accentuates the taste! I found this very fancy!

These appetizers are changing my view of Chinese food now.
I am excited for the next dish, 『Prawn with Chili sauce』!


▲ Fancy! But more than that its sooooo damn tasty!!!! The sauce contains squid ink and it is giving such a rich flavor!!!!!

I am already in love with ‘the modern Chinese’ they offer here!!!!!
Let me enjoy it more!
I feel like to go for red wine now!

ソムリエチョイスの『サン ジュスト ア レンテンナーノ キャンティ クラシコ2013』をいただくことに!

▲ ソムリエチョイスの『サン ジュスト ア レンテンナーノ キャンティ クラシコ2013』をいただくことに!


▲ The sommelier chose the wince for us!

With wine, the main dish is TADA-!!


『A5 rank Japanese beef stake with Sanshou spiced soy sauce』

Look at this.. I don’t think I need to speak much.. It is outstanding! I am completely in love….
With this pepper, the western stake is turned into a Chinese dish! It is something new and I have never tasted a stake like this!

This goes perfect with the wine of the chef’s choice….

We decided to have one more dish and ordered this one!

『Rich egg with crab』sounds luxury.


▲ soft and creamy!

The amount of crab meat used is a bunch! It is delicious and we ate it all at once!

Woooooooo we are completely full now.
All the dishes were amazing. It is totally a new experience!

It seems that they have course menus too. I would like to come here for business dinner meetings for sure.


▲ Only 6000 yen for 12 dishes????

Thank you very much 「CINA」! It was a perfect dinner!