【TAIHOUKI】Super reasonable Chinese kitchen found in Ebisu!!



This is Ushi tonight!!


Today I found a Chinese restaurant on the way back home and it was a nice experience so I would like to report it xD


▲ This is the place!



▲ Today is a weekday but was so full and cheerful!!!

I was seated at the bar.

And had a look at the menu!!


▲ Seems like this is a Gyoza dumpling place!

I must order quickly as the shop is taking the last order!!!


▲ I got this Chinese beer!!


『Tasty spicy staked pork and onion』590yen

The pork slice is thick and it is super tasty with the onion which is seasoned very rich.


This is a perfect match with the beer!!

『元祖 恵比寿餃子』(3ヶ盛)420円

『Original Ebisu Gyoza(3 pieces)420yen

One piece is very big like this!!


▲ It is twice bigger than an ordinal Gyoza!!


The inside is a chunk of meat and vegetables!!This Gyoza dumpling does not contain garlic so it is highly recommendable for the ladies who hesitate to have Gyoza for this reason.



『Subuta with Black vinegar』890yen

This Subuta is quite diiferent form the ordinary one as the sauce is based on black vinegar instead of Ketchup!!
The pork karaage is crispy outside and tender inside!!!! It is awesome!!


『Small dumpling』(3pieces)590yen

The soup contained in the dumpling is so rich and its so juicy!!!


『Ebisu dumpling』(2pieces)490yen

This is also huge like their Gyoza dumpling!!!!!


▲ The inside of it is filled with a lot of stuff! Shellfish, dried Shiitake and Shrimp!!!


『特級担々麺』890円『Special Tantanmen』890yen

This dish was addictive!!! I couldn’t stop eating this!!!
The soup was rich and mild but the chili gives the accent to it anf the sewat meat miso makes a good harmony with the thick noodle and onion!!!!!


▲ I enjoyed to the last drop of the soup!!!

I am highly satisfied!!!!