【PIZZERIA E TRATTORIA BOSSO】Authentic Pizza and Wine in Ebisu! (Shibuya area in Toktyo!)

Today I came to an Italian restaurant called 「PIZZERIA E TORATTORIA BOSSO」 in Ebisu!

I really like the atmosphere so decided to take photos xD

The variation of the drinks is grate! They have a huge list of alcoholic drinks! Especially wine!


▲ We got House made Sangria, Casis orange and Today’s Italian beer.

We loved this Italian beer! Its so refreshing and easy to drink!

This Sangria was amazing! Very fruity and rich taste! We couldn’t have another glass of this because it is too popular and they ran out in the early evening…

「房総産 本日のカルパッチョ」

▲ 「Today’s Carpaccio, fish from Chiba pref.」

We have ordered some dishes recommended by the chef xD
Their specialty is the fish from Chiba pref.

This dish is with a bunch of black pepper and it makes a grate harmony with the 「Yellowtail caught during the cold season; cold yellowtail」!!!

The next dish is this!

[caption id="attachment_1154" align="alignnone" width="640"]「佐倉きのこ園の無農薬しいたけのガーリックバター焼き」 「Organic Shiitake mushroom garlic butter」

This dish made us jump!!!!! It was super delicious!!!!!
The Shiitake is very thick and it felt like meat!!!!!

I will definitely come back this place for this this!!!


▲ 「Sottimano Mate」

This wine was the chef’s choice.
It is rare that a restaurant offers this in glass!

This has activated sourness and very deep rich flavor. We love it!!!


▲ 「Pizza BOSSO」

This pizza is super fascinating!!!
It shows four seasons! Very enjoyable!

The main dish has arrived!

「北房総産 黒豚の炭火焼き」

▲ 「Black pig carbon stake」

The meat is also from Chiba pref. It was purely tasty!!!

This place is ideal for many different occasions!!!