【Gastro Pub Augustus 】Meet up in a cozy Australian gastro-pub in Tokyo! (Shibuya!!!!!!)

Excuse us! We are in rush…. Physically running now xD


▲ Hey jully! Do not slow down!

Hi everyone! This is Nori speaking today!

I was hanging around in Shibuya with Jully and I was matched with someone in a matching application and they are inviting us for dinner so we must run xD


▲ here we are!

The place two girls are waiting is called「Gastro Pub Augustus」in Shibuya!

It was easy to find coz it is located just 2 minutes away from the Shibuya station.


▲ They must be the one!


▲ We moved to a table to start a party xD

They say that they have already finished dinner and are having some drinks.


▲ I like this place!


▲ Isn’t it nice?

Although I am always hanging out in this area I have never come to this place.
There is always new discovery in Tokyo xD

We two boys are rather hungry so ordered some dishes.
The manager told us that this place is specialized in Australian cuisine!


▲ Jully and the owner

And they recommended this as an appetizer.

Looking an ordinary potato.

▲ Looking an ordinary potato.

But the taste is different.
It is crunchy but the inside it feels creamy!!!!

I asked the manager how they prepare this and he explained as..

「Raw potato first has to be left in water for awhile and penetrate salt into the inside of the potato when boiled, and leave them for a long time and with low temperature ……..」

I cannot remember everything! xD but at least I leant that they invest a lot of time and energy to cooking this potato fires.

The next recommendation was this.


『House made sausage』

The sausage contains apple!!!!! It was juicy and fruity and so tasty!!!!!


▲ The girls were having some celebration and received a plate of sweets xD

We enjoyed our dinner and good time with new friends xD

Thank you「Gastro Pub Augustus」 and girls!!!

Let’s meet up again!


▲ Happy evening xD