【WE ARE THE FARM Ebisu brunch】Place to enjoy the organic vegetables’ potential at maximal degree!!!

Hello! This is Ushi!

Do you like vegetables?

I found a very nice place which is focused on Vegetable quality so I wold like to introduce it!


▲ It is located in Ebisu!

The place is called 「WE ARE THE FARM Ebisu brunch」!

I came her with Nori!


▲ The entrance xD


▲ The interior is awesome!


▲ Very stylish!


▲ It is not just a farm looking but yet stylish and modern!

There are many female customers as the concept of the house is the healthy dishes featuring good quality vegetables!


▲ The drink menu!

Many unique drinks are listed!

I cannot imagine the tastes of these drinks but I am fascinated!


▲ They are the ones!


▲ Nori ordered 『Kale highball』

He said
“The bitterness of the けーる is making a good harmony with whisky soda and it is easier to drink than he thought!
It tastes definitely healthy xD”


『Cucumber gin tonic』

I really like this! This must be a perfect drink in summer time!
It is very new and special to me!

『世界一トマト バジルとフレッシュチーズ』1,350円

『The world number 1 tomato and basil with fresh cheese』1,350円

The name of the dish is funny but I is truly tasty and the cheese is very specially creamy! It is wonderful!!


▲ Look how melty!!!

The tomato is surely amazing! Very rich sweetness and umami are emphasized by the basil and the salt.
The texture of the cheese is such a beautiful combination to the taste!

I definitely recommend this dish to people!


『fresh Champinion』960円

Firstly , the looking is beautiful!
The sea salt is giving such a nice accent to the texture and as I bite the mushroom the flavor of it is filling my mouth!!

This is completely different from what I knew as “Mushrooom”!

『黒もちとうもろこし 鉄板焼き 三河味醂醤油』650円

『Black mochi sweet corn cooked on Teppan with special soy sauce』650yen

This is soooo special! We have never seen Black sweet corn first of all!
The texture is totally different from the ordinary sweet corn! It is sticky as mochi!!!!!!!
The way of preparing it is also grate! The aroma of the sweet corn is beautiful this way!!!!!


『Kale humburg』1,980円

Look at this cute presentation xD


▲ Cutting it in pieces xD


▲ mmmm….

Very flavorful!


▲ A vegetable Sommelier of the house came to us to introduce the vegetables they offer.

She said that all the vegetables used in the house are produced 100 per cent organic and the production process is completely different from the ordinary organic vegetables.
The vegetables here are first dried and the seeds are taken out then get planted. This way the vegetables get richer in nutrition.

Also, they never use “house production” meaning that all the vegetables are naturally grown in the farm.

They were very delicious! I became a fan of vegetables thanks to this house!!!!