【Blue Rose】Fresh fruits cocktails and whisky enjoyed at this special bar!!!!! (Ebisu, Shibuya area in Tokyo!!!!)

Good evening!

This is Akaneko!

I have been going out to drink every night this week and I started to have a stomach ache! I finally began to feel that I am not young anymore…

But tonight! Again! I am going out because I found a very nice bar and I wanna go back there!!!!

It is located in Ebisu!!


▲ This is the sign!


▲ Very cozy and nice xD


▲ He is the chief manager xD Eiji!

He said “It must have been cold outside on the way…” and offered me this.


▲ Coriander cocktail

It is like soup but it is made of Gin xD
Makes me warm and cared….

The house’s specialty is Fresh fruits and Whisky but they do not have a menu list.
We only need to tell him what we like to have.
And he makes wonderful drink based on the information given…


▲ I asked for something with fresh fruits and he gave me this xD

It is a cocktail of Cointreau and Tangerine, a seasonal fruit of Japan.

It is very tasty and I feel cared again….
I am almost falling in love with him xD lol


▲ The second drink was this!

It is made of the special Japanese strawberry called “Amaou” which is made very sweet naturally.

The base liqueur was Rum but it does not smell alcoholic at all…… It is totally a strawberry drink with rich and nice accent of Rum…..

His creativity andimagination is awesome!!!!

I would love to come back again, and very soon like I did this time xD

Thank you Eiji!!!!!