【SAKABARU Kabukichou brunch】Bar specialized in Sake in the center of Shinjuku! (Tokyo!!)



This is Ebizo!

Today I came to Shinjuku Kabukichou!


Here is a pub I would like to investigate!!

▲ The second floor of this place!


▲ Here I am!!♪


▲ The bar counter looks nice too!♥


▲ This is the Sake variations they offer!!


▲ Lets have a look at the menu!!♪


▲ Cheers! With the special drink!!

It is made of Limon chello sorbet and shouchu and soda!!(*’▽’)

▲ The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this Tofu and Bonito!!!

▲ The creamy but refreshing taste of Tofu is amazing!!!!


Iburigakko Cream cheese

The Akita cuisine’s special pickles makes a grate harmony with cream cheese and it is just beautiful!!!

『Chicken wasabi』


『Negi Toro』

This Tuna is grate with the side vegetable Horse radish!!!


▲ And this is the largest Sake glass I have ever seen in life xD !!!!


▲ Crab miso! *(innards)


▲ Today’s 3 Sashimi plate was this!


Sake served in wine glass!!!!!


▲ This one was dry and very nice xD


▲ Tada-!!!!!

Such an amazing Soba!!!!! It is like a tower xD lol



This place was super entertaining and I was very happy to be here xD