【Noumin cafe】a piece of nice countryside life experienced in Shimokitazawa, the center of Tokyo!! (Shibuya/Shinjuku area, Tokyo!)

Good evening!


This is coiku reporting tonight!

I am a cross-cultural interpreter and I’m a Vegetarian xD


As my friend became available late in the evening we decided to search a place to have something small near my place and we chose Shimokitazawa.


There are a lot of cafes and restaurants and the one I chose was this!!

「Noumin Sakaba」

This literally means “Farmers pub” in Japanese.


▲ Look, they sell vegetables at the entrance of the pub as if it was a farmers’ place in country side!

Let’s go then!

▲ Good evening!♪

The inside also looks like someone’s house in country side!!
We need to take off the shoes here.

▲ The interior is pretty relaxing like an ordinal nice café.

▲ As it is late at night its calm.♪

All the places are pretty relaxing.

▲ Where should we be seated?♪

▲ and we found a terrace.♪


▲ It is nice to be here! The summer wind is perfect.

▲ haha the Buddha is also seated here.

▲ lets have a look at the menu!♪


And the drink menu too!!

▲ Soooo many choices!!!

『Lotus tea』and『Rich apple cider』sound very much like farmers’ place to me xD♡

『We got『Bio farmed beer』

The glass is icy cold!!!

As I am weak with alcohol, My friends get the two of them xD

And I take water.

▲ Cheers!♡

But I got a sip of it! Its dry and easy to drink! I can drink it like none-alcohol drink!!! Woooo its dangerous…..!
I am super well relaxed here as the place is just like my grandma s!!

We can throw the legs and lay down here!

▲ The view from our stable!♪


▲ Our food came!

This is the Appetizers plate for two ppl!


10 different appetizers on a plate! Its enjoyable xD
I took all the vegetables and my friends had all the fish and meat!

▲ Steamed chicken is of course for my friend!

He finished it in a moment!

『Farmers High ball (whisky soda)

Two glasses again, and both are for my friends again xD He drinks a lot!


I asked him if it tastes “Farmers’” and he said “….yeah actually it does somehow!” lol

So I wondered and got a sip of it lol


Mmmmmm,,,,,, perhaps it is stronger than usual High ball (whisky soda)!!!!


It is definitely tasty!

『Whole onion』

the inside is well-done and soft, then sweet too….

▲ I love it!♡

Its pretty simple but tasty!!♪

▲ their Hashioki is unique too xD

They have second floor too! The whole space is like someone’s house in coutry side of Japan and I perfectly relaxed xD


It is amazing that we are in the center of Tokyo and able to experience this atmosphere xD



I will come back here again!!