【SUSHIJIN】Authentic Edomae Sushi in Tochigi pref.!♡

Hello♪ This is HALOO

Today I took a train to visit Oyama city in Tochigi pref.!
The purpose of my journey is to visit a Sushi master I met in Tsukiji (Tokyo fish market) 10 years ago!

I heard that now he has returned to Oyama, his home city to have his own Sushi house!

The house was actually taken over from his father and it has been operating since 1979!!

▲ This is the place!

▲ Hello♪

▲ wooooooo it is gorgeous!!!

Everywhere in the house is so clean and beautiful!!!

▲ They have this Ozashiki space as well!

and there are private rooms too!

▲ cozy!!

▲ The menu♪

I told the chef my preference and waited to see what d come xD

▲ wooooohoooooooooooo ♡

▲ These are for my friend♪

He told us that they use the best quality sea urchin ♡!

▲ おかわりしちゃいました♡笑

『Kanyou maki』 is what you MUST try here!
The Kanpyou is Oyama city’s special product and each house prepares it by themselves.

This house’s Kanpyou is very rich in flavor with lesser sweetness and I enjoyed it so much!

▲ My friend’s kid got Ikura and Natto maki♡

▲ The Sushi for kids are served on this cute plate xD!

He is super excited♪
saying「I take this one too!!!」

▲ sooooo happy♪

It is such a family friendly house♡
we can visit alone, also with a big group pf ppl!
and the second floor is…….

▲ a large party space!

▲ It is consist of three Tatami rooms!!

The interior is beautiful too!

▲ They are reserved this day for later evening.

and we tried Sashimi!

▲ How beautiful。。。。

A big group ordered this one.

▲ Very fresh seafoods!

▲ and i have ordered one dish form this recommendation.

this one!♡

『Nama Yuba Sashimi』

The texture is so melting♡ super delicious!!!
of course with wasabi!

▲ i got extra wasabi xD♡

▲ I was having Woolong tea as we were with a kid, but i would like to have some Sake with their dishes if possible><!!!!!

Many individual customers visit here for the chef’s personality too!
I completely understand his popularity for i know him since over 10 years ago in Tsukiji in Tokyo!
Relaxing time with grate Sushi !!!




Hello!I am HALOO, a writer
In my private time, I am searching nice places where i can meet good food and drinks AND nice ppl♪
When i find such places, I introduce them here in mogood♡♪

Shop Info

Phone number 0285-23-7811
Address 〒323-0807 Tochigi pref., Toyama city, Joutou 1-12-31 MAP
Access 12minutes from Oyama station
Opening hour 【Lunch】11:00 ~ 14:00 LO13:30 /【Dinner】17:00 ~ 22:00 LO21:30
Holiday mondays

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