【KINOJI】Authentic traditional Japanese cuisine “Kaiseki” is enjoyed reasonably in Sasazuka! (Shinjuku/Shibuya area, Tokyo!!)

This is coiku

As I encountered such a special place the other night, I would like to share my experience♪

It is located near my good friend’s house and I was always interested..!

▲ Look how authentic Japanese style it is!

The menu by the door is like this!

▲ Woooooo…. everything sounds tempting to me as they seem to serve truly traditional Japanese dishes!

▲ they have course menu as well….!

Each time i wanted to go in , i saw ppl were having their dinner and drinks quietly in elegant manner…

so i hesitated to disturb the atmosphere by my presence,,,

the very night!

▲ It looked so cheerful!

I could even hear ppl laughing out loud!!!!

So i made up my mind and opened the door!

▲ The chef is at work!

Before him , one of the customers at the counter spoke to me “heyyy!”


He told me that I can join them!

▲ So i got the Sake of the chef’s recommendation and 


▲ I joined them xD

Super friendly ppl♪


They have told me how special this place is!

The house used to b in a richer area of the town and served Authentic Japanese Kaiseki but moved to here a rather reasonable area and is still serving the same quality of the food!


▲ He prepares everything on his own!

▲ Tomato pickles!

This was amazing!

The balance between aroma the Kasu and the freshness of the tomato is an art!


They told me that it requires special techniques!

▲ The next dish is Udo Sumiso pickles.

The texture and the aroma is just beautiful and the added flavor of the Sumiso is amazing too!

With the good Sake, each bite of this is too delicious and i lost my words…..♡

▲ The third dish!

The characteristics of Nobiru and Kabu are so well-considered and they are all prepared separately!!!

Wach dish is very very much sophisticated and it is like a heaven to eat here…..!

▲ and i made new friends too!


▲ House made sweets♪

very tasty♡♡♡

I am so happy to have been able to come here finally!

The pricing is indeed amazing!!!!!

I will come again here to experience their seasonal dishes xD♪


Thank you Kinoji!