【KATSUAYU AYADOYANA】Authentic Katsuayu specialize house in Gunma!

Good evening!

This is Ebizo!


Today I introduce a lace in Gunma prefecture!

This is the place!

▲ woohoooooo♪

Look at this neighborhood…..

▲ <Breathtaking >

such a nice location(*^▽^*)

Ozashiki (Tatami style)

They have some dora seat and private room too.

▲ such a nice view!

We can enjoy the sightseeing inside the house too!

▲ <yay♪>

We are so happy (*^^)v

Let’s order food!


in this sunny day, why not? (´▽`*)
The Otoushi (small appetizer comes with the first drink) here was very nice and i forgot to take a photo of it….

▲ Sashimi!

It was soooooo fresh that it was half alive actually…..♪

▲ and the fried one.

Very delicious with the special sauce!

▲ then the bbq one.

with salt, the taste is super rich and it is a wow♪


The crispy borns of fish is ateble and it is such a fantastic dish!!!!

I would love to come back here again♪




I am a Pub researcher, visiting more than 500 pubs a year! Apart from that I also go to Izakaya (Japanese pub), Spanish style bar, and bistros. My best favorite drink is ”Rice shouchu with Soda”
Food studium(http://food-stadium.com/

Shop Info

Phone number 0279-56-3339
Address 〒379-1101 Gunma. Shibukawa-shi, akashirocho, Tanashita 492 MAP
Access 10 minutes from Shouwa interchange by car
Opening hour 11:00~19:00 ※【applied only in this year 2017】6/24~ 9/24
Holiday none during the opening season

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