【Sumibi Yakitori ARA】New Yakitori place in Tachikawa! (Tokyo!!)

Good evening everyone!  This is Ebizo!!

Today I came to Tachikawa to visit this Yakitori place!
Why? because my friend told me that this place is filled with female customers all at the time!! lol

I am curious how it is possible for a Yakitori place to be so popular among women!

▲ This is the place♪

It looks nice!

▲ The inside!

Looking like an ordinary Yakitori place!

▲ We can take away the food of this house!!!


▲ We are seated!


We arrived here before the opining hour lol

Let’s order!!!

『Paprika with Kombu 』

and we got 7 recommended Yakitori!♪

▲ The drink after beer is 『Salt lemon cider』

I love this!!!!!


Love love love this Sudachi citrus flavor !!!

『Sea urchin Crab innards Pickled karamari』

Very addictive dish!

Let’s have more drinks!!!『White tomato cider』

Sooooooo nice and easy to drink♪


『quality liver』


『Baby chicken with daikon oroshi』



The sauce is graet(^_-)-☆


Beautiful texture♪


with egg♪

『Seseri negi』

Interesting !(^^)!

▲ The last dish is『Shiitake』

Very juicy Shiitake is delicious (/ω\)

I will come back here sometime soon (*^^)v♪




I am a Pub researcher, visiting more than 500 pubs a year! Apart from that I also go to Izakaya (Japanese pub), Spanish style bar, and bistros. My best favorite drink is ”Rice shouchu with Soda”
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Shop Info

Name Sumibi Yakitori ARA
Phone number 042-595-7836
Address 〒190-0023 Tokyo, Tachikawa-shi, Shibasaki-cho 2-11-1 MAP
Access 5 minutes from Tachikawa station
Opening hour 【Tue-Sat】16:30~23:00(L.O22:30)/【Sun/Holidays】15:00~22:00(L.O21:30)
Holiday Monday

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