【MONDO NihonbashiMuromachi brunch】Izakaya specialized in Shimane cuisine! (Nihonbashi, Tokoy!!)


Good evening!
This is Ebizo!


▲ Today i introduce this place♪

Looking cool!

▲ Izakaya!


▲ They have Obanzai at the bar♪


▲ The interior is nice!

This is how many Sake production houses exist in Shimane pref.!!(^O^)/

Let’s order!

▲ Cheers♪

It is a craft beer(゜o゜)

『Saba plate』

Three different preparations of Saba(^o^)丿

『Nori and Hawasabi』

This was way too good

『Potato salad with Shimane egg』


『5 Shaman fish on plate』

soon luxury!!

『Saba shabu』

Have you ever seen Saba shabu?

It was my first time experience! The freshness of Saba was that we can eat as Sashimi! and we do shabushabu that Saba….! What a luxury dish ?!


The soup is delicious too!!!

▲ <Ya♪>

Such a high quality Izakaya restaurant!!!!♪