【Koutaroumaru】Nice Japanese pub (Izakaya) run by a professional comedian!! (Asagaya, Tokyo!!!)


This is Ebizo!!!

Today I came to Asagaya to introduce an Izakaya called 「Koutaroumaru」!!!



▲ This is the place♪

It is on the 2nd floor!!

▲ The sign!

Let’s order food!


Sooooooo huge!!
It is perfect for Sake♪

『Sweet corn Sashimi』

Such an unique dish♪
and its super tasty(*´з`)

『Japanese omelet on Teppan』

Fluffy and sweet….. just like my mom’s special recipe!!!


With Yuzugoshou!!soooooo gooooood!!!

▲ Yay♪


The owner is so funny xD




I am a Pub researcher, visiting more than 500 pubs a year! Apart from that I also go to Izakaya (Japanese pub), Spanish style bar, and bistros. My best favorite drink is ”Rice shouchu with Soda”
Food studium(http://food-stadium.com/

Shop Info

Name Koutaroumaru
Phone number 03-6304-9266
Address 〒166-0004 Tokyo, Suginami0ku, Asagaya Minami 1-36-16, 2F MAP
Access 2minutes from Asagaya station
Opening hour 【Dinner】17:00~am1:00
Holiday only around the new year's day

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