【BAR #M】Relaxing time with quality drinks in a hidden bar in Ebisu! (Shibuya area, Tokyo)

Good evening! This is Nori xD

Tonight I had a very nice dinner atApelitivo Ebisu
And my friend suggested that we should go for another drink for her friend has a bar in the same building!

So why not? Lets go and check!


▲ wooooo I like the atmosphere!


▲ Lets go for whisky!

I took Bourbon, she took Scotch and he tool Japanese whisky!
(I am a big bourbon lover in fact xD)


▲ Cheers!


▲ Relaxing with Bourbon.

I would like to show the other side of the bar coz it is also nice with a counter bar and a stand table.


▲ Doesn’t it look nice?

And there is a beautiful lady preparing drinks at the bar!


▲ I love this place!

If I come here alone I would sit here and enjoy my drink with her xD


▲ I love everything about this place…..


▲ mogooooooood xD

Thank you 「BAR #M」!