【Uokame】Rare 『Sea urchin pasta』! Must reserve it!!! in Tokyo, Tsukiji!!!

Good evening!
This is Nori reporting tonight.
As I got a phone call from Nekochan my friend for a dinner invitation I quickly got ready and took a cab to come to Tsukiji!

This restaurant I would like to share the experience is located about 6 min away from the Hibiya line Tsukiji station.

“Uokame” is the place! It is a fusion cuisine of Japanese and French prepared with fresh seafood from tsukiji fish market!


▲ The entrance


▲ Cheers!


▲ I love this lighting

We are only two now so ordered a small dish


『Sashimi』Many pieces!

It is truly fresh! This is the Tsukiji quality!

Nekochan has arrived!


▲ Cheers with Sake!

Neko ”I have reserved sea urchin pasta! So we are sure to get it!”
Nori “what is that?”
Neko “It is too popular and they run out earlier so when I booked the table I already reserved the dish as well!”

She is a sea urchin lover!

More food coming !


『Teppan grill Summer vegetables』

Wooooo seasonal Goya is awesome! I love this eggplants too!!!



『Japanese omelet with eel』

It is in short called “Umaki”! Not many places offer this dish so we are so excited!!
It is soooooooo juicy and soft xD

Hey another friend ganchan has arrived!


▲ Welcome! Join us!

We all love Sake so ordered these three!

『人気銘柄 新政特集』

『Pupular Sake sellection』

Actually, this three is offered in a set! We can enjoy the comparison of the three different Sake produced by the same Sake factory!
『NO,6 S-type』『Lapis』『Amaneko』

I had tasted only 『NO,6 S-type』 before! My favorite out of this three was 『Amaneko』. It is very clear and sharp and fresh!


『Light buttered sauted lobster and roe』

Actually this is supposed to be 『Light buttered sauted oyester and roe』but today they already ran out of Oyster so they substituted it with Prawn.
It was damn good…. I wish it would be a regular menu… xD


『Rockfish salt grill』

This is light and delicious! We couldn’t stop!!!


『Hokkaido sea urchin pasta』

Don’t you think it is too luxury???? Sooooo much of sea urchin! It is not normal!!!!!

And the taste was beautiful!!!
Even just remembering this looking at this photo makes me hungry again…
It was fantastic!!!!

Thank you Nekochan for reserving this in advance! It was a must!

What a happy stomach!!!!!