【Café & Bar MEDIUM】A fancy South American night in Tokyo! (Kiyosumi-shirakawa)

Good evening. This is Haruence speaking! I love to walk around the city and hop into nice eateries xD

Today I would like to introduce one of my favorite places for meeting up with friends to dinner and drink cheerfully and casually xD

These days, it is a trend to go out for “Yoru cafe” (Night cafe) for such occasions among girls.

We are here in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa area for a Night café called 「Café & Bar MEDIUM」

This is how it looks!

▲ It is only a 3 minute walk from the station.

▲ Although we arrived only in the evening, the cafe is full and cheerful!

This house is specialized in South American dishes.

The owner is a professional space designing director and the interior is very outstanding!

▲ Very relaxing and we can chill from the very first visit.

This place is popular also for dating.

▲ And many many different drinks!

▲ Some of them are super rare!

They have 12 different tequila and a lot of Rum too.
They know South American cuisine very well so can choose the one that goes the best match with the dish of your choice.

They also have many fancy soft drinks too.

Now it’s a food time xD

『Burrito ballン(Chicken)』

The seasoning is unfamiliar to us Japanese, but it is delicious!!!
It contains a lot of vegetables and we girls enjoy it so much!!
This is supposed to be for one person but it is enormous so we shared it with three girls.

▲ The meat is tender and the taste is addictive!

This dish went sold out right after we ordered it. It seems like many people come here for this dish!

The spice flavor makes us want to drink beer xD

『Medium egg sandwich』

This is not just an egg sandwich! The amount of the egg is enormous xD
It contains walnuts and herbs and the texture is complex and very enjoyable!
Also there is Taco meat in it!!!

▲ It is only 1000 yen! And in the lunch time it is for 700 yen!?!?!?!

The bread is wholegrain and healthy so it is highly recommendable for girls too!
It matches with alcoholic drinks too!

▲ Chili sauces on the table.

▲ He is the owner Mr. Fujiwara xD

He told us that the course menu is offered at 3000 yen in which we can enjoy many different South American dishes!!!

▲ Cozy atmosphere.

▲ Table for a big group of people!

▲ Back behind the kitchen, there is another room.

▲ A private space for a group of 6 people!

▲ It was a nice dinner at 「Medium」♡

Thank you very much!