【AWkitchen figlia Aoyama brunch)】 House made Pasta and sophisticated pasta sauce!


This is Chacha! I am hopping restaurants where kids are allowed xD
This time I found a very nice one near Omotesandou station so I would like to report!

The place is called 「AWkitchen figlia Aoyama brunch」!

▲ 3 minutes walk from Omotesandou station♪

▲ This is the sign!

We are 8 people with kids today!

▲ The entrance!

There are a lot of couples having lunch and many family too.

▲ Cheers!♪

We are excited to experience the house’s special fresh vegetables.
Most of the dishes in the menu list features the freshness of the vegetables.

First we got the appetizers. Soup and bucket with tomato cream.

They are super delicious!!!

▲ The soup contains bunch of mushrooms!

▲ This appetizer tasted beautiful too!

▲ Look how fresh they are!!!

The presentation is also nice and we girls are in love with the dishes!!!
We kept taking photos of them xD

▲ The atmosphere is very friendly for the kids and mothers with kids so we could enjoy the lunch very much.♪

And this is the Arabiata 6 out of 8 have ordered!

▲ The texture of the past a was very special and the house made tomato sauce was fantastic!!!

▲ This one was for other two girls.

I had a bite and it was addictive!!
The rich aroma of the Gobou root was beautiful!!!
This is such a nice fusion Italian dish xD

We would like to come back again for they have many more dishes which are super interesting xD