【Italian BAR -HOME-】Super cozy Italian BAR and Kitchen with amazing pricing and tasty dishes in Sasazuka!

Good evening everyone xD

This is v!

Yesterday I discovered a very nice Italian bar and kitchen on my way home from work so I decided to report my experience!

It was just 2 minutes from Sasazuka station.

▲ The sign looked me like that of real estate agency at first lol but soon I noticed that it is an Italian place!

I wondered if they serve low quality of dishes coz the pricing was unbelievably reasonable for Tokyo F and B!!!

However, as I entered the house, there were so many stylish people there at the bar!!

As soon as I entered the house, I ordered a Pizza which I already saw in the menu outside the restaurant, for I was really starving! Lol

▲ The interior!

▲ A private room on the little stairs.

▲ Half private room

Since I was starving, I wished to have something while waiting for the Pizza to be prepared, and ordered 『Cabbage and anchovy wok』

The drink I chose was 『Woolong tea』for I was a bit too tired for enjoying alcoholic drink.

But they had this many different drinks staring with mannnnny wine!


▲ can you see the wine behind the bar as well….?

The Otoushi (A small appetizer comes with the first drink) was 『fried pasta (typical beer snack)』
It was seasoned uniquely and addictive!! The pasta was the extremely thin one and I could not stop enjoying the crunchy texture xD

It mae me want to have some alcoholic drink such as beer or cocktail.. lol

And!!! Seems that the bartender could tell how staring I was and gave me another appetizer xD

▲ 『Pinchos』

So much????? Thank youuuuuuuuu xD !!!!!!!!

There are 5 different kinds of cheese and the bucket wa toasted xD !!!
I love this!!!!!!!

▲ The 『Cabbage and anchovy wok』also came!

They use the seasonal Spring cabbage!!!! (It has completely different texture from usual ones and it is pricier!)

I cannot believe that they serve this quality for just 520yen!!! The amount of anchovy is also amazing!
Well actually it came with more potion, but since I decided to report this house only due to the grate quality of this dish and the relaxing atmosphere provided by the bartender, I took this photo only after having some bites of it. Lol
Thus it is supposed to be more potion!!!!

The regular customer who was chatting with the bartender asked me if I would like to join their conversation! Why not?? xD I would love to!!!

▲ We met for the first time but spoke for 2 hours xD

I came here alone but I never felt so xD
I am so lucky to have chosen this place for my late dinner!!

And this is the bartender, and the owner of the house!
Yoshihiro. He said “Feel free to write about this bar! Yes you can take my photo too! I would be very happy if someone comes here to see me thinking that I am cute and nice xD”

▲ He is such a funny guy!

We laughed a lot because of his humor and entertaining personality!!

The regular customer told me that there a re many customers who come to this bar for speaking with him!
(And Yoshihiro said that they are all men, not ladies. So he is kinda sad lol)

The full volume of the cabbage dish and the appetizers filled my stomach good, but of course I had my Pizza too xD

▲ I remembered that I should take a photo only after I had a piece! xD

The big pieces of avocado and the sweet cherry tomato taste beautiful together!!

Do you believe this is only 500 yen!?

The bread is perfectly soft but crunchy xD

I enjoyed 3 hours here and paid only 2090yen for that all!!!!!!

I am super satisfied xD

Thank you very much Yoshihiro san and Dan san who let me join the fun conversation! See you soon!!!

This place is definitely offering me a 「HOME」as that is the name of this place! xD