【HONTOSAYA】Popular Yakiniku place among local ppl! (Asakusa, Tokyo!!!)

This is Yukachi! I love Yakiniku♪

▲ Such a beautiful Asakusa city light …

I am here today to have Yakiniku for my dinner!

Hontosaya is the place I chose to eat♪

Very cheerful and homey place like this!

▲ yayy!

They have a capacity of 100 people including the second floor!

▲ Cheers!

Icy-cold beer is a Must !

▲ We got Tosaya salad

very simple salad with the house’s special dressing!

『Tangue with salt』

with lemon and salt and pepper!

『Japanese beef』

exciting ♪


Let’s bbq them♪♪♪

▲ yayyy

nice sound!

▲ super tasty beef….!!!

So tender and juicy!


▲ My favorite


The texture is nice toooooo!!

『Tosaya special sauce』

I am super satisfied♪♪♪

They have many more tasty dishes♪

▲ ♪