【IBREW Ginza Icchome brunch】Beer bar to enjoy many different craft beer in Ginza! (Tokyo!!)

Hello! This is Ushi!

Yesterday I walked aorund Ginza and found a nice beer bar!

The place is called「IBREW」

▲ The entrance!

Only 3 minutes from yurakucho station!

▲ The beer menu xD

English menu is ready too xD

▲ It is cozy inside xD

The lighting is very relaxing.

There were many individual customers came alone.

▲ The craft beer list xD

「Regular size       230ml/390円(税込:421円)」
「Large size   410ml/690円(税込:745円)」

The pricing is customer friendly some can try many different ones xD


The waiters helped us finding ones we like xD

▲ The first two beer

『Ushitora – Korekara nanisuru?』(left)
Refreshing with citrus aroma!

『Barren Bier -Hoppen Lager No.3』(right)
rich taste creamy and bitter!!

▲ each beer tastes so different….!?!!?

They have more than 10 craft beer server from TAP draft ♪

▲ I like this coaters too xD

Let’s order some dishes too!

『Chicken carpaccio』680yen(tax incl:734yen)

3 different parts of chicken .
The carpaccio dressing matches so well!!! I never knew!!

『Oyster cooked in oil』780yen(tax incl:842yen)

Big and fresh♪ so good with beer!!

『Fries with sour cream and chili sauce』680yen(tax incl:734yen)

Thin crispy fries with the double sauce is a must to order!

『Shonan beer -chocolate porter』
Very rich and slight aroma of cacao!!

And we have ordered another dish!

▲ They came with this equipment and

▲ making a potato like this

▲ wooooow

waited some minutes and

『Roasted chicken and potato』1,380yen(tax incl:1,490yen)

spicy, juicy and tender♪

We are highly satisfied tonight!!!