【TenShanFeiWei Ginza chuo-dori brunch】Fire Hot Pod to enjoy Mushrooms at maximal degree!! (Ginza! Tokyo!!!)


This is Shiori!

My friend told mw the other day, that he often visits this place for great Hot pod and brings his girl there to make her happy.

So i came here tonight to investigate it xD

▲ Cheers with the『Dragon High ball (Whisky soda)』

We ordered a course menu『Seasonal vegetables and organic pork』

The appetizer came!!! xD

『Karasumi, Basashi, Tategami』

sooooo luxury!!!!!


This is my first time to try this dish! Exciting!!

▲ Sticky xD

I very much enjoy this!!!!!

▲ This is the Hot pod soup!

And we put all these things!!


Soooooo much of everything nice xD especially the potion of the mushrooms xD wow!!!

and the organic pork!

They are all so tasty!!

Shark fin

This is super delicious with the hot pod!!!

▲ I am sooooo happy!!!

The food made me so warm and happy!

Tha last dish!


The noodle is a paste of seaweed and the spice is amazingly beautiful with the soup xD