【UOKIN PICCOLO】Easily exploring Ginza at maximal degree!!!

This is Ushi speaking!

Today I would like to investigate a restaurant in Ginza!


▲ Hiya xD

I chose this city Ginza for I wanna b popular among girls by introducing nice places in this lux city!!

Today I came to this place called「UOKIN PICCOLO」!


▲ This is the sign!!!


▲ We got seat in the basement!!!


▲ Looks like this xD

Dark space with indirect lightning makes it relaxing.
I like this atmosphere.


▲ Cheers!

I got this full potion of wine! And it is only 500 yen ?!?!?!
Common we are in Ginza! It isn’t possible! Is it??????

The appetizer we chose was this!!


▲ Full potion!!!!♪

The appetizer we chose was this!!


▲ 6 different Seafood Carpaccio

Do you believe that this dish is only 980yen!?!?!?!?!
The quality of the seafood and the seasoning are very sofisticated and I cannot believe how it is possible for them to searve this at this low price!!!!


▲ Tuna, Smoked salmon and Avocado Tartar

The smoked salmon gives a good accent and it is very much enjoyable!!


▲ Penne

Wooooooo! This is super tasty!
The texture of the pasta is perfect! And waltnuts on top is crunchy and aromatic!! It is addictive!!!

I am sure to come back here!!!! The next time with a girl xD