【Cafe La Boheme Odaiba brunch】Casual Italian in Odaiba (Tokyo!)♪


This is Chacha!

Today I went out for dinner with my child to a place I have been a fan of.

I would like to report my experience!

▲ It is located in Odaiba!

▲ Actually I come here every month!

Today I am with my husband too!

We had our wedding dinner here to be honest xD

▲ Many couples make their wedding party in weekends.


▲ You can see the Rainbow bridge from the window.

We ordered『Banana shake』 for my child and 『Tomato juice』for my husband as he is the driver.



▲ lol Banana shake is bigger than her face!


▲ This salad contains anchovy and very tasty.

▲ They pour as much cheese as we want xD


▲ My husband’s favorite sausage.

▲ He says its super juicy.

We miss beer now xD lol

「Chicken wing」

The seasoning is special and addictive xD

▲ we ordered pasta for the main dish!

Mine was this

▲ This was surely good too xD

But I loved his plate better xD lol

Crab and asparagus tomato sauce pasta!


This was what my husband ordered but it looked too tempting and I ate half of it xD

▲ We ate all at once xD

This place is always satisfying xD

We are very happy!!!!!