【Robataza HACHINOHE】Super tasty Aomori pref.’s cuisine in Sasazuka! (Shinjuku, Shibuya area, Tokyo!!!)

Hello everyone!

This is HALOO!

Today my friends took me to a very nice restaurant and I would like to share my experience!

▲ This is the entrance!

We already heard ppl cheerfully having fun!

▲ Looks very original!!

▲ The seats are like this!

The locals are gathering and having dinner together!

▲ They welcome us too!

▲ The drink my friend got was very delicious!

It is called Shinruchuu, an apricot liqueur with hot water!!

The aroma was super rich and fruity!!

▲ This was the Otoushi! (a small appetizer comes with the first drinks)

Nice texture of Konnyaku and the sour miso sauce was rich in flavor!!

▲ This salad contains the Senbei, a special food from Aomori pref.!!♪

The texture is amazing! And this Senbei is actually still warm!!!
With the dressing the Senbei is crunchy but a bit chewy!!!!

The sesame in the Senbei is very nice accent for this salad!!!!
Amazing combination!!!

▲ Umekurage is Jellyfish with sour plum paste!

And our bestest favorite is this!

▲ Senbei soup!!!

The soup stock is so clear and the state is sophisticated!!!!
The potion of vegetables is amazing!and the Senbei in it is surely a wow!!!!

We loved to enjoy this texture of Senbei!!!!

▲ The additional seasoning is the Garlic Shichimi (7 spices of Japan) ♪

For men to make the soup taste heavier as they usually prefer more complicate taste xD

▲ Potato with butter♪

This is a simple dish but the quality of potato can be assessd!
The potato from Aomori pref. is rich!!

▲ We couldn’t stop our appetite and ordered this Onigiri too!!

They are Sour plum Onigiri and Salmon Onigiri xD

▲ We enjoyed them with this traditional pickes!♪

All taste so well!!!!!

▲ and we got more drinks xD♪

We learnt that dishes from Aomori pref. are very much enjoyable and started to want to go to Aomori right away!!!

Then we found this on the wall…..

▲ It is a message from the Mayer of Hachinohe city, Aomori pref.’s !!!!!!!

It seems like even the Mayer approves this place as the represent of Aomori cuisine!!!!

▲ They offer Robata food too xD!

I am highly satisfied and know that I will come back again!!!