【SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR Ikebukuro】Authentic Italian place in Ikebukuro!!! (Tokyo)

Good evening!

Today I went to an Italian restaurant in Ikebukuro for my friend’s birthday!

▲ This is the place!


▲ The appetizer!This Lemon marine was popular even among boys too!

▲ Pizza!

This was the chef’s recommendation!♪

▲ Lamb meat

We loved the sauce!

▲ Seafood dish!♪Such a nice soup and we enjoyed it a lot!!!

▲ and more food coming!!

Hotate shel fish Ahijo!


How tasty!!!!!!

▲ D.O.C!!!

This won the world Pizza competition for three times!!!

The cherry tomato is so sweet and the aroma of the basil is amazing…

The chees is fantastic too….

Happy birthday xD !!!!!