【Asian Bar SAWADEE-SMILE Kamishakujii brunch】Asian food party in Ikebukuro!!! (Tokyo!!!!)

Good evening!
This is Ebizo reporting tonight!

▲ I came to Ikebukuro tonight for this place!♪

▲ Cheerful bar!♪

▲ The kitchen!!

▲ I got beer xD

『Tapas plate(2~3person)』

This is very nice for a party!!!!

『Salmon and avocado summer roll』

Delicious xD

I am getting another drink already!

『Chili tomato cider』

They told me that it’s a spicy drink but I didn’t imagine that it can b this much spicy !!!! xD
Hahaha I am not very good with spicy things to be honest, but it is recommendable for those who enjoy spice!

『Yodare tori』

Such a grate dish from Chinese cuisine!

『Hanoii omelet』

This was my best favorite dish for the day!
Its very soft and the sauce is super delicious.
Well i enjoyed all dishes!

Such a fantastic multi national cuisine!!!!!!

▲ Thnk you