【Ikebukuro Cafe&Dining Pecori】Fantastic cafe food in this fancy dining! (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Good evening! This is MAIMAIMIE xD

Today I went to see a play in Ikebukuro and searched for a nice plae to dinner after that.

▲ This is the place we were most interested xD♪

▲ Long stairs to go up/

▲ The interior is pretty xD

It looks very relaxing and we girls likes how it feels here.

▲ The lighting is unique.

Lets order something!

▲ 『Lemon and Apple vinegar』

The size is a surprise! How satisfying xD

▲ 『Carpacchio』

All the seafood are so fresh and each one has different texture from each other so it is enjoyable in that sense too!

▲ The Pizza menu is also attractive!♪

▲ 『Avocado and Shrimp』

This is delicious! No doubt!!!
The shrimp is fatty and the texture is beatuful!!

▲ The sweets to complete the party!♪

They have many different sweets for the sake of girls xD

This Tiramisu was very soft and creamy and airy so I could finish it in a moment and never feels heavy!!!

We will deffinately come back here for another party with friends with kids xD

Thank you!!!