【Gojoume】Akita pref.’s specialties in Mejiro! (Tokyo) prepared by 92 years old Akita lady!!!

Good evening! This is Neko here.

Today I came to ‘Akita ryouri, Gojoume’ for the first time!
This is my friend’s favorite place and she took us here.
It was only 5minute walk from Mejiro station.


▲ Entrance


▲ Menu displayed outside


▲ How it looks inside

his cozy room is entirely Tatami style
The menu is on the wall.
Alcohol variation is beer, Shou-chuu, Umeshu (Sour plum liqueur) and Sake.


▲ As typical we girls begin with Umeshu with soda! (Sour plum liqueur with soda)


▲ Appetizer came with the first drink


Shirako-ponzu (Milt with Ponzu source ) -Ponzu is soy source with citrus-

Very fresh and rich.


『Yamaimo Isobe-age (Yam fried with Nori)』

Home made yam fry was crunchy and tasty! The seasoning is perfect match for alcohol!
This made us want to drink Sake, so we chose ‘Yuki no Mesha’


『Sashimi plate included youg Tuna, yellowtail and Striped Jack』

To enjoy Sake, we decided to go for Sashimi and awe asked the chef today’s recommendations on Sashimi!


『Kiritanpo Hot pod (Kiritanpo is a traditional meal of Akita prefecture)』

This is a special menu offered only between October and April.
This is supposed to be for 1.5 person but was sufficiently large and it satisfied three of us.
The soup stock was made of Chiken. Full of Kiritanpo, Onion Toufu, Mashrooms, Vegetables!

Surprisingly the dishes were prepared by 92 year old lady from Akita prefecture! This is the place where we can experience the real Akita cuisine!!!
We felt like home and it was such a nice evening with this special place!


▲ Three of us with happy stomach for the Kiritanpo hotpod!

Each dish was big and we became full so we will definitely come back here for other three dishes we were tempted and wished to have but couldn’t this time!

Also, the 92 year old lady told us that instead of Kiritampo the special offer between winter time, in summer time she has special dishes of mountain vegetables such as Ohitashi, Nimono and Tempura!