【Uokushi Aburien】Cheerful seafood Izakaya in a hidden backstreet! (Ikebukuro, Tokyo!!!)


This is Ebizo here today!

I came to the West side of Ikebukuro! And decided to have my dinner at 「Uokushi Aburien」! This is a place I really liked when I first visited some days ago so I would like to report!


▲ It is located in a back street and is not easy to find.

The entrance looks this!

Lets go in!


▲ I came here with these guys today!

Lets order!!


▲ the Otoushi (Small appetizer comes with the first drink) was this!

This house is famous for having some kind of event every day.
Today they were operating “Horse meet night”


『Horse meet Yukke』


『The best Tofu in the world made by Oomomo family』&『Rich Yuba Sashimi』

Both are super special and the taste is soooooo rich!!!!
You must try them!!!!


『House made! Tofu with Zuwai crab Miso Tofu』

Look how much of the crab is served xD
This is such a luxury dish!!!!!


『Skewed fish』

wooooooooo!!!!!!! All are super delicious!!!! xD
It’s really addictive!!
This healthy dish is highly recommendable for ladies too!!


『Nodoguro grilled with salt』

We wished even more fish and ordered this one xD it is god damn tasty!!!!!


▲ As two of my mates are having their wedding soon, we were speaking of it and the house gave us this plate for a nice surprise!!


▲ They quickly made pop as well!!!!! xD and posted it on a wall in the restroom!!!!!! xD

Speaking of a restroom, they are using this hand soap of “Aesop”!


▲ What a luxury restroom xD

Thank you 「Uokushi Aburien」! We had a perfect dinner!!!