【SATO】Such an unexpected encountering with a super unique curry in Izakaya in Takadanobaba! (Shinjuku area in Tokyo!!!)


This is Nori speaking!

I came to Takadanobaba for work today and looked for a place to have my dinner.

I found one AKACHOUCHIN place (raditional Japanese pub with red lantern indication) so I hopped in!


▲ Very homey.

I asked the master his top recommendation and he said “Curry sauce” so I ordered that!


▲ He is now preparing it!


▲ Tada-!!!!

It looks like an ordinary Curry but it didn’t come with rice.. That’s rare…

“Why don’t you serve rice with the curry?”
the master answered “Because customers get full too fast and leave fast xD”

“Then what should they do if they want rice with curry?”
“You can take it home to eat it with your rice! xD”

such a funny system xD

I had my curry and was surprised!
The taste is so different from what I imagined and it is delicious and unique!


▲ I think its dangerously interesting coz it is really different from what we know as curry and how this looks…

I asked the master, “Excuse me but this curry sis so special that I wanna have a ton of this…… seriously delicious…. ”

The master said, “Well,,,, the thing is I don’t put any flour”

“what do you mean?”

“Well it is all onion”

“Just onion?”

“”Yeah to make this texture and with spices of course, a secret spice too! This is it.”


▲ And he showed me this “Secret spice” lol

I don’t know if he should so easily show me the “secret spice” but I thank him xD

The curry is surely delicious in a special way!!!


▲ House made omelet with a bunch of onion!

Super tasty!


▲ Curry wok meat and onion…

I kept ordering the curry sauce again and again and I finally got full while having a lot of drinks too xD
And the price is amazingly low….

Thank you very much for this fantastic dinner!
I will come back with my friends next time!!!

It is such a hidden “curry” eatery!!!!! Not just a pub for sure!!!